The building browser is an in-game page that can be opened to find out which buildings have been built in the selected settlement and which buildings can be built later. The abilty to build a building depends on two things, the size of the settlement and which buildings have already been built.

Settlement SizeEdit

the size of the settlement and upgrading a settlement require two things, population and government buildings. At a certain point in the popultaion growth of a settlement,the population level becomes high enough to expand the settlement. the population requirements are as follows:

  • town: 1-1,999
  • large town: 2,000-5,999
  • minor city: 6,000-11,999
  • large city: 12,000- 23,999
  • huge city: 24,000+

In order to upgrade the settlement, you must build government buildings. many of these require several turns to complete. here is an example from the East Roman Empire:

  • town: Governor's house
  • large town: Governor's villa
  • minor city: Governor's palace
  • large city: Pro-Consul's palace
  • huge city: Imperial palace

Other BuildingsEdit

much like the government buildings, other structures such as farms and temples follow the same system of having to build the previous building level and also require certain settlement sizes before given the option of constuction. here is another example from the Eastern Roman Empire.

town large town minor city large city huge city
walls wooden palisides wooden wall stone wall large stone wall epic stone wall
barracks barracks militia barracks legion barracks army barracks urban barracks
stables stables cavalry stables hippodrome circus maximus
ranges practice range archery range catapult range seige engineer
traders trader market forum great forum curia
smiths blacksmith armourer foundry
ports port shipwright dockyard
water supply sewers public baths aqueducts city plumbing
farms land clearance communal farming crop rotation irrigation great estate
roads roads paved roads highways
mines mines mines+1
academies academy scriptorium ludus magna
amphitheatres arena amphitheatre coliseum
temples shrine temple large temple awsome temple
christian churches shrine chapel church cathedral basilica
hermitages hermitage monastery abbey

In other factions there are other unique buildings such as taverns or silk roads.