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Rome Total War Wiki is about a game you should really play! The game takes place around 270, B.C., Europe, Northern Africa, and a large part of the Middle East. The game was created by SEGA and The Creative Assembly. You can play as one of the three great Roman families. Complete one of their campaigns, and you unlock several other factions to play as.(i.e:The Greek Cities, Gaul, Carthage) In the Barbarian Invasion expansion game (available in Gold and some other edition) allows you to either destroy the Roman empires, or defend it, as either the Eastern or Western Empire. In Rome Total War: Alexander, play as Alexander the Great and follow his campaign.


  • More mods are coming out, don't forget to pay attention to them!

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This wiki is for RTW fans across the globe seeking new knowledge about this game includin strategies, units and much more!

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